Financial Success – 5 Fatal Mistakes Every Woman Makes Trying to Break Through the Glass Ceiling

Financial Success – 5 Fatal Mistakes Every Woman Makes Trying to Break Through the Glass Ceiling

There are lots of ceilings, while it is slowly changing here are some interesting facts from the US Dept of Labor:

women owned businesses grow twice the rate of US firms
1 in 11 of every adult woman owns a business
Women entrepreneurs generate $ 2.3 trillion in revenues to the US economy
More than 18 million workers are employed by a woman business owner
Of the 46 million Network marketers, 85% are women
Mistake #1  Women Want to Break the Glass Ceiling

Forget the glass ceiling because it is irrelevant.  Not because women are finally getting to the top of Fortune 500 companies in forces, because women who are coming into the workforce now see what is above that glass and are uninterested. thus no surprise that 5 years after earning an MBA, 40% of women are working from home. The press writes about this statistic like a nightmare, but I think it is great.  What an achievement that these women decided they can find success on their own terms instead of having to fit themselves through pathways established by others.

Mistake #2 The Carrot & The Stick:

The carrot and the stick is one of the trickiest mistakes because it is filled with hope, so people suffer in silence. You heard it before, if you relocate you get a better job, do more work for more money, yet you never get what you want.

We want to do it all and we get caught in the trap.  We do it for our family, or self fulfillment while spending money and losing time. Now, Uncle Sam becomes your closest relative. By the time you work your job and put in the hours are you living the life you were meant to live? Ask yourself, is Your glass ceiling where you go job hopping for the better deal? If you are thinking that will not happen to me – it already is. Who writes your paycheck?

Fatal mistake #3  Loyal to a fault:

We put our lives in the hands of employers daily without thinking about it because we all want to do good. Time is the gift we never get back. Recently I peeked into the world above the glass ceiling when I read Forbes magazine profile of Jeff Immelt, chief executive of GE. He has been working 100-hour weeks for the last twenty years. If this is life above the glass ceiling, then be careful what you wish for. Instead of aligning yourself with people who are giving up everything in their personal life to get to the top, be one of the people who is redefining success. You can decide what is success for you.

Fatal mistake #4 Women Trade Femininity

Some women feel they must give up their femininity to make it in corporate America. I saw a book – Play like a man, win like a woman – the same cover message is in our media, to be successful and win at life we have to sacrifice the essence of who we are.

So many women struggle with this balance of how do I be who I am and still be where the decisions are made, on the golf course, in the boardroom, in the cigar bar.

Fatal Mistake # 5 Believing There Is No Way OUT, but UP.

The Glass Ceiling can be shattered because there really is No Glass Ceiling. Often times the lack of success you are experiencing in your job, your business or life is often the result of who you are being.  Limits are what we put on ourselves instead of designing the life we want. Discover your strengths, because these are the things that give you control over your own life.

Bottom Line? If you want to create a life you were meant to live, a life with no glass ceiling I invite you to sign up for free tips and resources at  where you get the exact strategies that people like Oprah, Marcus Buckingham and Donald Trump use to create a life without limits.

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