Glass Ceiling in the 21st Century

Glass Ceiling in the 21st Century

The world has rapidly changed in the past few years with modern innovations abound among others. However, despite being in the 21st Century, there are still some whose minds have not been opened to the ideas of fairness and equality.

Enter the “Glass Ceiling”. First coined by the Wall Street Journal around the 80’s, a Glass ceiling in economic terms, refers to an invisible “ceiling” that permits women and minorities to climb the corporate ladder therefore prohibiting their “growth” and promotion there serving as barrier. Often times, companies would justify this because they view women not as the “weaker” gender in a male-dominated office, but because many think that women will choose to focus more on their family or more specifically, their children. Although according to a study conducted last 2005, where 43% of educated women left the workforce involuntarily to take care of their families and although 93% wished to return back to their careers, only 74% did so.

This isn’t only limited to women however, there have been reports that disclosure of one’s sexuality in the workplace may also produce a glass ceiling to your desired position. This is especially true in countries that may still view the third sex as “taboo” and discriminate on their sexual orientation despite their achievements and skills.

Glass ceiling in any form should not exist in the workplace. Everyone, regardless of gender and orientation has the right to be recognized for their hard work and have the right to step up the corporate ladder. Here are some tips to possibly “BREAK” the glass that restricts you from acquiring your dreams and success:

1. Set a goal for yourself. Do not be satisfied with there you are now and do not be afraid to aim higher for your own future.

2. Know and understand your rights as an employee to know when you are being treated unfairly.

3. Do not be afraid to build your reputation. Set a high example and if possible, seek out help and advice from your coworkers and do not be afraid to take lead. Remember that self-respect is also important in building your career as well.

4. Do not be afraid to build a network inside the office. Be sociable and be a team player to earn each everyone’s trust.

5. Recognize that the Glass Ceiling is real and do something about it. This is one of the biggest mistakes that a lot commit. Sexual discrimination is very much real and do not let this be the one thing to hold you back and reach your dreams especially in this ever changing age of modernization.

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