How Women Have Shattered the Glass Ceiling in the Workplace

How Women Have Shattered the Glass Ceiling in the Workplace

Are you a working lady who does not believe she has a large chance of making it to the top of her organization? Are you somebody who believes very few women will ever go far in the workforce? More than ever, working women have a spectacular shot at rising to the top. This article demonstrates how women have shattered the glass ceiling after working hard to get ahead on the job.

I would like to start by giving recognition to my mother for her outstanding accomplishments. In 1980, she became the administrator for a senior citizens center for the Mid-East Area Agency on Aging in St. Louis, Missouri. She was eventually promoted to a higher position. A few years ago, she became one of the three people at her agency in charge of about ten different centers. She has turned down the opportunity to move up to the second highest position in the organization, a position that involves being in charge of all the centers. My mother’s immediate supervisor and the executive director are women.

My mother is not the only lady who has advanced far on the job. It is common to find or read about ladies who are school principals, retail store head managers, corporate executives, etc.

Let’s turn our attention to the Supreme Court in the United States of America. One of the nine justices is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The high court recently had Sandra Day O’Connor as a Justice. Have you been keeping up with the political news? Barack Obama, the president of America, has appointed Sonia Sotomayor to take the place of retiring Justice David Souter.

Have you heard of Nancy Pelosi? She is the Speaker of the House in Congress. Before her fellow representatives presented her the nomination for the 2007 congressional session, the House never had a female speaker. Pelosi earned her promotion by being a representative who helped strengthen the Democratic Party and bring it back to a majority status.

We must include Hillary Rodham Clinton in the discussion of women who knock down the barriers in the workforce. She went from being a powerful adviser as the First Lady to former president Bill Clinton to becoming a New York Senator. Hillary ran a strong presidential race as the Democrats’ second runner in the 2008 primaries, encouraging Obama to appoint her to become the Secretary of State. She accepted the nomination and was confirmed by Congress.

Mrs. Clinton is not the only woman who has been the Secretary of State. Her predecessor was Condoleeza Rice, a black lady who was appointed to serve under the previous president, George W. Bush.

Do you remember Janet Reno? She was Bill Clinton’s U.S. Attorney General.

Are you familiar with Sarah Palin? She is the governor of Alaska and she was chosen to run as the vice-presidential running mate to John McCain, the candidate who lost the most recent presidential election.

Do you believe that all professional sports teams have only been owned by men? This is not true. Georgia Frontiere owned our St. Louis Rams National Football League team until she recently passed away. Marge Schott used to own the Cincinnati Reds of Major League Baseball.

You have discovered how working women have shattered the glass ceiling. If you are a working lady, do not surrender hope of making it to the top!

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