Dr. Virginia Valian – Gender Equity

#virginia #valian, the author of “Why So Slow?,” the acclaimed examination of why so few #women occupy positions of power and prestige at universities, gave a free lecture on #gender #equity Friday, Sept. 16, at Montana State University. Dr. Valian was introduced by MSU President Waded Cruzado.

Parliament has moved closer to approving the nomination of Winfred Osimbo Lichuma as the chair of the National Gender and Equality Commission. This follows the adoption of an amendment to the report by the parliamentary committee on labour and social welfare, that had rejected her nomination to the position and recommended fresh nominations. And as Sheila Sendeyo reports, the decision to endorse her came amid charged debate, on how best the country was expected to balance meritocracy, ethnicity and regional balance while keeping an eye on the constitutional requirement on gender equity.

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