Information Minister Calls for More Gender Equality Policies

Information Minister Calls for More Gender Equality Policies
Sandrea Falconer, is encouraging more of Jamaica’s private sector and civil entities to implement gender equality policies, which will facilitate greater opportunities, particularly for women. Her call comes against the background of a Bureau of Women …
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2016: The Year Of The Presidential Woman?
Of the 585 governors, senators, and representatives in America, 103 are women – a far cry from gender equity, but a record number nonetheless. It stands to reason that more female elected officials should mean more female presidential aspirants. But if …

Businesswomen assemble in Odaiba to close gender gap
“Gender equality in labor force participation is a key to sustaining economic growth,” she said. In the following speech, Yuri Okina, research director and senior economist at Japan Research Institute Ltd., advised women to acquire expertise in certain …
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