Veterinary Science & The Glass Ceiling

…despite the fact that the youth of the profession are mostly female, there are a disproportionately low number of females getting elected or assigned to positions of leadership in the profession (presidents of local, national and species-specific veterinary medical organizations, deanships, etc.), so the glass ceiling is clearly still in place.

Veterinary Science is not an area many of us think about unless we have a pet in need of care. This article is striking for its view of the physical evidence over a hundred years of the change of gender mix in graduating classes at Cornell University.

It’s a good short read and even though women outnumber men in graduating from Vet Science, women still are underrepresented in leadership roles throughout the industry.

There’s a definite research project there to identify the legacy of the last 40+ years to women in leadership in this area and a discussion of strategies to enable and empower more women to take on such roles.

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