Women in IT: The Male Exec View

…organisations cannot afford to leave promoting women to chance, he says. “Survival of the fittest doesn’t lead to diversity. Therefore, you need to support and develop female talent.”

The value of this piece is questionable – I am confident no #it executive would publicly state that they do not want women in management circles. I’d rather look at the companies stats on #gender diversity along with an observation of their practices.

In my experience across a diverse range of industries, most women in IT are generally accepted because of their competence and skills. The more they acted dispassionately the better.

IT values intellect, reasoning and technical knowledge – qualities which are not gender-specific.

Is there room for a feminine management style in IT? Absolutely.

By the way I love this comment from a male IT employee:

“the IT sector is generally ready to let women who display the required skills rise into senior positions”.

If one ever needed proof that there is a men’s club in management then this guy is trying hard to support it. Who “let” men in? And what of the male managers who fail to display the required skills? I definitely know a few of those in the IT space! But that’s ok because they’re blokes.

Source: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/it-pro/expertise/what-men-think-of-women-it-leaders-20140414-zqt76.html