Erica Smyth talks about gender equity, the mining industry and ANSTO

#ansto Board member, Ms #erica #smyth has been named as one of the world’s top 100 inspirational women in #mining. In this short video, she discusses the challenges facing women in mining and some of her work as a board member of peak science organisation ANSTO.”


It is an ever demanding struggle to attract and retain women in the Science fields. Mining is an even tougher space. People like Erica serve to highlight the fact that women can be themselves in challenging, male dominated environments and be valued for their contribution. More women like Erica in mining would be good thing all round. And, yes, there are women who want to work underground as well as above. (Personally why anyone would escapes me but then we need the raw materials. Let’s hope people like Erica can continue to find safer science for mining).


Empowering Women and the Power of Parenting

Kiran Bedi has led an empowered life, and it is thanks to her parents who ignored the conventions of the day in raising girls. As a consequence, Kiran has impacted many throughout her career and has challenged the accepted traditions of women in positions of power.

Definitely an inspirational speaker.