Shatter Your Glass Ceiling With an Internet Business

Shatter Your Glass Ceiling With an Internet Business Here is an irrefutable fact of life-if you are an employee, there is a glass ceiling looming severely over everything you do. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, what company you work for, or what job you do. If you […]

Shatter The Glass Ceiling – Don’t Just Break It

Shatter The Glass Ceiling – Don’t Just Break It More than likely you have heard the term, The Glass Ceiling. Today it refers to the level in a business organization that females and minorities are not able to reach because of their sex or race. This “glass ceiling” cannot be […]

Glass Ceilings in Advertising

Women are well represented in the advertising industry – I should know, I worked in that space for a number of years as a Copywriter.  And there are many powerful women within their own domains. But at the senior levels there is still a challenge in women breaking through the […]

Women in Pharma – Are They?

Just came across a great article in Forbes about that state of play for women in the pharmaceutical industry. “In the end there’s a small cohort of men who have to be comfortable working with you” in order for you to make it to the very top in this industry. I recall […]

Women on Boards ??

“You could be forgiven for thinking women have not just broken through the glass ceiling, but smashed it to bits, melted it down and had it recast into nameplates for their executive suites.” wrote Daniel Hatch in The West Australian recently. Kudos to Daniel for a great turn of phrase! Regrettably, it’s […]

When the Glass Ceiling Breaks

Maggie Thatcher has a lot to answer for. The former (and first female) Prime Minister of Britain from 1979 to 1990 was also the longest-serving PM in modern times. Revered and reviled for her tough stance and unbending will, she epitomised what people did not like about women in power. […]

Empowering Women and the Power of Parenting

Kiran Bedi has led an empowered life, and it is thanks to her parents who ignored the conventions of the day in raising girls. As a consequence, Kiran has impacted many throughout her career and has challenged the accepted traditions of women in positions of power. Definitely an inspirational speaker.

Pay Equity – A Blip or Sustained Change?

Recent research suggests that younger women are cracking the remuneration ceiling and gaining greater equity. Read the full article here: