Empowering Women and the Power of Parenting

Kiran Bedi has led an empowered life, and it is thanks to her parents who ignored the conventions of the day in raising girls. As a consequence, Kiran has impacted many throughout her career and has challenged the accepted traditions of women in positions of power.

Definitely an inspirational speaker.

Not Enough Female Leaders – Why

The fact remains that in the world and across our society we have far less women leaders than men. Sheryl Sandberg gives us the reasons why, as she sees them. Watch closely.

Women do not rise to the top of their professions as men do. Is that because there are valid reasons, systemic barriers or is it simply that women exercise their power of choice?

The Rise of Women – New Data

Watch this brilliant TED Talk by Hanna Rosin as she shares new data on the rise of women:

This presentation on the gender wars has provoked deeply divided opinions on the TED site. Controversy is good. Sometimes we need to rub salt in a wound to ensure people feel the pain and do something about it, or expose those who ignore the pain. Some of the views expressed demonstrate the point that we will never have equality until we consider all to be equal and think in terms of ‘we’.