Why Does It Seem That Others Have "All The Luck"?

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Dear Friend,

  • How many times can you keep putting your lack of success down to bad luck?
  • Do you often feel you have what it takes to be successful but it just doesn't come your way?
  • How much do you want to be more successful that you already are?
Success is so much less about luck than it is about self-management.

In this brilliant 35 page guide we give you a complete coverage of the personal habits and thought processes you need to create your own success.

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Just look at the table of contents:
  1. Introduction on Success
  2. A sense of purpose leads to happiness
  3. Personal Development for Prosperity
  4. Improving Your Success
  5. How to manage your schedule and stay stress free
  6. Top 10 Time Management Skills
  7. There is no “I” in TEAM: Team Building Basics
  8. Teach Yourself Effective Public Speaking
  9. Improving Your Listening Skills>
  10. Learn How to Say No
  11. Avoiding Temptations to Live a Better Life
  12. How to Be Successful
  13. Making the right decisions
  14. Use a Hobby To Be Successful
  15. Why you need to think like a success to be a success
  16. Improve Yoourself by Going Outside Your Comfort Zone
  17. Why you need to go out on a limb to be a success
  18. Learning discipline for a healthier lifestyle
  19. Think your way to becoming rich
  20. Count your blessings
  21. Action

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