Women and the Glass Ceiling

Women and the Glass Ceiling

Glass Ceiling refers to the artificial barriers that are created based on an organization’s attitude or bias beliefs and which prevent a qualified woman from advancing within the hierarchy of the organization. It is just another term for gender discrimination. This term is particularly used for employed women who are not paid wages on par with men for the same work.

The term signifies discrimination of women on the basis of power, wage levels, size of an organization, geographic scope of the organization, and revenue earned by the organization. This leads to a barrier in their career progress. Many women writers and activists have raised their voices against unequal treatment meted to them.

Noted women’s activist and writer Nora Frenkiel has rightly described the glass ceiling through her quote: “Women have reached a certain point. I call it the glass ceiling. They’re in the top of middle management and they’re stopping and getting stuck. There isn’t enough room for all those women at the top. Some are going into business for themselves. Others are going out and raising families.”

One should understand that glass ceiling is not something to be taken for granted. Women should persevere and try progressing in their careers. The United States Civil Rights Act of 1964 grants equal rights at a workplace irrespective of sex, gender, color or race.

The human resources department of an organization should ensure that qualified and suitable employees advance in an organization while encouraging women to showcase their talent, capabilities and leadership qualities. The management ought to understand that race, gender or color is not a barrier.

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