Female boxer breaks Olympic glass ceiling

Marlen Esparza helps shatter a glass ceiling as one of the first women to box at the Olympics. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com Or visit our site at www.cnn.com
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How Can Women Break the Glass Ceiling – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. If you are at that level where you feel like your up against that glass ceiling, let me tell you, forget about the glass ceiling. Again, that is something that we have been told over and over again that exists. It only exists because it is in your mind. OK. Get it out of your mind. There is no ceiling, there is only opportunity. And, one of the things you should do or actually three things: Get a sponsor- Somebody that supports, that knows your performance, that is going to be the person that is a advocate for you at that senior level, that is in that position to support you in moving to the next level. Get a mentor of course- It does not have to be somebody in the company, it could be somebody outside of the company but, somebody that has moved up to that level that can show you the ropes. And the third thing is, get a couch, an accountability partner that is going to stretch you beyond your own capability and help you move up the ladder even further, even if your at a senior level. Only look at things as opportunities, not ceilings. It is the glass is half empty Versus half full.