Realizing and Breaking Your Personal Glass Ceiling

Realizing and Breaking Your Personal Glass Ceiling

The legacy behind every successful professional, entrepreneur, and personal achiever is a storied history of breaking any “glass ceilings” in their leadership journey. These are the subconscious restrictions we place upon ourselves as reasons for not achieving our goals. They often come with a long list of excuses like:

“I just need someone to give me a break.”

“I would accomplish my goal if (fill in the name of the person) wasn’t in the way of my success.”

The reality is that the glass ceiling above your head has actually been installed by yourself. We tell ourselves that this is our limit and nothing more exists above it. But there’s more to this reality. Glass can easily be broken. These proactive steps will begin the process of rising above the limitations placed on the self:

Record in detail your future goals

This step is most critical. Every successful action starts with a single thought. It is important that you clearly define your destination and what benefits it will have for yourself and others. Take 15 minutes today and paint yourself a mental picture of what you would like to achieve in life. Create this picture as if you were creating a painting. Include things like where you would live, what you would do, and what impact your work would have on others.

Also, clarify the why of what you would like to create. Why do you want to do this? What would be the end result? What legacy would you leave behind by accomplishing this goal? These questions will qualify your efforts before you even start on the path to reaching your coal. If you can successfully add content to each of the above questions, your goal is justified and ready for you to begin.

Record your current situation in detail

We must be honest with ourselves in order to know where to begin. Make clear where you are in your present circumstances so you can accurately compare this data against where you would like to be.

Include all details just the same as you did with your goals:

Where do you currently live?
What are some of your habits?
What is your current financial situation?
Who are your current friends and associates?
What is your current employment?

Be real with yourself. By clearly defining these topics, only then can you begin the journey toward achieving your future goals. This will help you separate the “you” you are today and the “you” that you want to be in the future.

Create a Road Map

Creating a personal road map allows you to strategically bridge the gap between where you are currently, and where you are looking to go. Starts by asking yourself what specific steps are required to accomplish each item on your goal list. Then determine how you can break down those steps into changes to make one step at a time until the goal is realized.

The answers to these questions will become your strategic plan, moving from what is today, to what you would like for tomorrow. Dedicate yourself to making positive changes in your life and it will surely happen to you.

Have an Accountability Partner

Find a friend or coach that you can trust with both your successes and failures as you make your way toward your goals. This person should receive a copy of the lists you’ve made along with the road map you’ve created to reach your goals. With this person you will discuss your progress. They listen as you relate your successes and failures along your journey. An accountability partner will help ensure that you are meeting your deadlines, offer suggestions and be a sounding board as new ideas pop up.

Finish What You Start

Once you’ve taken the time to complete this process you will begin to become the person that you want to be. No one else can stop you. Only you can get in your way. Vow to not let that happen. Continue to seek the advice of your accountability partners. Qualify that special friend who will be honest with you as you go along on your journey.

Once you have made a commitment to finish your planned tasks and achieve your desired goal, you will experience your true leadership potential. The power that has always been yours will be shown to you. In so doing, you will also become an excellent source of leadership to the lives you affect along the way.

Jerel Benjamin is the founder of Leadership Gold. He is a well known Entrepreneur of six companies and founded Leadership Gold to make the strategies for success in one’s professional and personal career available to all who choose to accept it. Mr. Benjamin’s company is based in Los Angeles, CA. but its memberships and daily Leadership Blogs are enjoyed throughout North America and the UK.

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