Glass Ceilings in Advertising

Women are well represented in the advertising industry – I should know, I worked in that space for a number of years as a Copywriter.  And there are many powerful women within their own domains. But at the senior levels there is still a challenge in women breaking through the glass ceiling.

The Communications Council has taken up the challenge of developing a program to apply some heat to redress the gender imbalance at the executive level.

Like a some other industries, women are in need of encouragement and positive empowerment to put their hand up for managerial roles.

Only 26 per cent of management roles in the industry are filled by women, according to recent research. Beyond that level, there is a dearth of female representation at senior management, executive and Board level in agencies.

Well done Margaret Zabel, the new CEO of the Communications Council, for having the drive and tenacity to establish the diversity committee with a charter to address gender inequity at management levels.

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