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Women in Business Leadership: Up Against a Second Glass Ceiling. By Martha C. White. More women are shattering the glass ceiling, only to find another one preventing them from reaching the pinnacles of America's business world. Although more than 80 …

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Equality in the Dominican Republic

“Maria Teresa Cabrera, the first female president of the Dominican Teacher’s Union is an example of how the Latin America Project on Equality with a Gender Perspective strengthens unions and builds capacity in achieving quality education for all.”
  This is a powerful video worth watching. To take on an authority role and then fight for rights is exemplary, especially in a country like The Dominican Republic. Kudos to Maria!

Erica Smyth talks about gender equity, the mining industry and ANSTO

#ansto Board member, Ms #erica #smyth has been named as one of the world’s top 100 inspirational women in #mining. In this short video, she discusses the challenges facing women in mining and some of her work as a board member of peak science organisation ANSTO.”
  It is an ever demanding struggle to attract and retain women in the Science fields. Mining is an even tougher space. People like Erica serve to highlight the fact that women can be themselves in challenging, male dominated environments and be valued for their contribution. More women like Erica in mining would be good thing all round. And, yes, there are women who want to work underground as well as above. (Personally why anyone would escapes me but then we need the raw materials. Let’s hope people like Erica can continue to find safer science for mining).  

Glass Ceiling or Glass Womb?

I love Sheryl Sandberg. I love that someone like her is out there inspiring young women to believe that the world is at their feet. That there is nothing standing in their way except fear. Challenging them to seek out opportunities for themselves. Teaching them that there is no #glass ceiling and that if they are ballsy, confident and competent they will achieve great things.

While acceding that Sheryl Sandberg had done great things in raising awareness, continuing the cause and encouraging women to self-reflect, the author of this article raises the challenge of the enforced career break as being a major obstacle to career progression from which women may never fully recover.

In fact, she goes further and argues that paid parental leave is a disservice to women. Many might say that is heresy and women have fought long and hard to have time out from their career to birth and raise children without losing their jobs as a result of such a decision. By teh same toke, she has some compelling figures to back her claim.

I don’t for a minute think anyone would argue that a woman should lose her job due to maternoty yet how uch of a negative impact does a career break have? Do those who take a career break (eg long service leave) to study for a higher qualification suffer similarly?

This article raises an interesting topic that deserves more focus.

Read more: http://www.independent.ie/opinion/analysis/the-glass-ceiling-may-be-cracking-but-the-glass-womb-is-far-stronger-30193786.html

Women In The Boardroom

In 2013, a mere 16.9 percent of Fortune 500 board seats were filled by #women. And we’re not doing much better in Silicon Valley: Among 128 companies representing $1.2 trillion in shareholder value, only 8.4 percent of board members are women. It’s a shame when you consider that companies with “sustained high representation” of women on their #boards significantly outperformed those with “sustained low representation” by 84 percent in return on sales, 60 percent on return on invested capital, and 46 percent on return on equity.

In the Western world, the battle for #gender equity is firmly focused on the #boardrooms.

Research supports the value of gender #diversity at Board level in terms of higher shareholder returns and better decision making.

Women have what it takes to lead corporations and public organisations. There are a myriad of ideas on how to make that happen. Enlightened companies with an eye on performance are taking note of the balanced benefit that comes from having women participating equally in decision-making and strategising in the Boardroom. Some strategies are founded in changing systemic biases and practices: some are targetted at providing more training and opportunities for women at Board-level; and other still focus on empowering women to accept their innate strengths and not emulate male constructs.

In this article, there are some good ideas that are worthy of attention. >/p>

Full Article: http://www.mercurynews.com/opinion/ci_25384583/women-board-room-how-increase-gender-diversity-corporate

… breaking through the barriers that remain